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Hedjintrealtyltd is a web service that serves as realty manager and customer engagement tool. It has support for user management, listing management, and a special feature called engagements - an engagement between listers and potential buyers via SMS or Email.

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Main Features

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When the client came to me with this idea I was still in the process of learning Ruby on Rails and at the time I had limited experience with full stack development aside from the LAMP stack. I was actually in the middle of reading this amazing book which you can find here. It really helped me more than anything to grasp a good understanding of the framework but even more importantly it helped me better understand the workings of backend frameworks. Things such as MVC and migrations are just a few of the foundational knowledge I picked up by reading this book.

For hosting, I used DigitalOcean. This was another thing I had to learn upon completion of this project. Prior to this point, I had no experience of setting up a server and installing and configuring all the tools required by this application such as the webserver, database, redis, etc. Luckily for me, Ruby on Rails is a very mature framework and there were tons of tutorials that showed how to deploy to a multitude of providers, but I went with DigitalOcean.


As you can see it’s not the best looking site out there as design is not really my forte, but aside from that I’m really glad with the outcome. I intend to go back and revamp the entire design using a theme but I have not much time to do so right now.