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bmmerce is an app that allows you to buy and sell stuff nearby.It connects sellers with the nearest buyers thus making buying and selling in Belize as simple as meeting and exchanging.

In its current state bmmerce is an in-person transaction first service, and because of this buyers & sellers become more than just buyers & sellers; they become legitimate vouchers for one another. All of this evaluates to a more reliable and trustworthy buy and sell platform for Belizeans to utilize.

app screen

Main Features

Browse nearby stuff to buy.

Post to sell. Nearby users are instantly notified of your new listing.

Receive notifications when someone nearby posts something new to sell.

Engage with nearby buyers & sellers. Message to meet & exchange.

Manage all your listings.

Listings are deactivated after 30 days. This keeps the app from getting clogged up with old listings and gives everyone’s listings fair exposure.


I took on this project with the goal of learning react native as well as learning the fundamentals of mobile development. In completion of this project I managed to grasp a solid understanding of react native but even more importantly I learnt what it took to take an app from idea to design and from design to implementation and finally to publishing on the google playstore. I was unable to publish to the appstore because at the time I did not have an apple computer and it is required by Apple for you to have macOS in order to create a production build.

The app is currently unavailable for downloading as I intend to migrate it from DigitalOcean over to AWS.